Surfacing and Patterns:

Valley Milling offers a variety of surfacing services from simple sizing a product to S4S, S4SEE, T&G patterns including ceiling, interior wall coverings, flooring and siding.


We have the capability to break down cants and other routine resaw work, including texturing. We can sort for grade and length and sticker for air-drying. Bandsaws are sharpened and benched in house allowing us to grind, swage and bench bands as needed to assure the highest quality resawing. We have three single band vertical resaws, with the ability to make multiple pulls off the chain. We also have a thin kerf multi blade horizontal resaw for the more finer cutting orders.


We are able to PET and trim for grade. Trimming for grade is a separate operation to improve the grade of the final product. We run air/electric chop stations and carefully trim to your specifications in odd and even lengths.

Other Services:

We also sort, restack, sticker to air dry, custom package and more. Call for questions.

Shipping & Receiving:

We load and unload flatbed trailers, maxis and curtain vans. Reload facilities are nearby for van, piggyback and rail car shipping.